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Hello There, This list of Popular BTC paper wallet generators is purely my personal opinion and this is a testimonial. This research article has nothing to do with the company and all the ideas belong to me. From very earlier, I was searching for secured ways to keep bitcoin safe. I used Different methods to store different crypto currencies.

list of popular btc paper walelt generators


BTC Paper Wallet Generator is the best paper wallet generator I ever used. The features of this wallet are amazing and I have never seen such a wallet before. in the ranking of wallet keys generators, I have placed this wallet. The reason behind this is the trust and security features of this wallet. I'm also impressed by their online services and suggesting using their services online without any risk of losing coins.


  • You can use it online
  • Like other tools; this tool is available online and you can use it online. The feature that these tools make different then others is Browser scanning. While creating a wallet if your browser is sending some information or caching data this tool will detect that and will ask you to remove the lacking file from your browser. Most extensions and settings for apps and websites can lack your personal data. Even browser settings can make troubles. But this website checks all these factors before creating a wallet address for you.

  • 100% secured and trusted by millions of people around the world
  • Initially, I was not aware of that, BTC paper wallet com has thousands of users per year. this is not an only an online representation of their site but they are working with different sites and redirect users to their main site that is actually secured one called btcofficialwallet.org As above mentioned feature of the site we can say that it is 100% secured.

  • SSL Secured and no backend generation mechanism
  • SSL is used to encrypt the data you transfer through the internet. this site is using SSL that is enough to protect your data. Moreover, this tool is not working on the backend. By following your instructions the site load javascript and create wallet public and private keys on your browser.

  • Random key generator, impossible to guess the private keys
  • Random key generator indicates that the javascript that performs the task of creating keys is independent. it can generate any series of keys. A 24 digit key is normally impossible to guess or access. In past, we have seen generators are designed to generate specific keys so that developers will guess the key. Be sure to use a trusted platform like this one.

  • Restricted offline generating method due to risk of virus in PC
  • Some people think that; offline wallet generators are better than online. According to some sources, most people use offline key generators. whether you are generating online or offline you should focus on the security of keys. If you downloaded the generator on your windows operating system you there are hundreds of security risks. Computer applications may send your private key to their server. DLL file can affect your downloaded file. It's possible that you are not aware of spying software installed on your PC.

  • Simple and easy interface that help newbies to create wallet keys easily
  • People who are computer literate think that everything is easy. but, those people who are illiterate are always looking for a simple User interface. This tool has a very simple interface and has the ability to generate both private and public keys in one click. The printing of the keys is also simple and QR Code placement in the paper is pretty nice.

  • simple design to print the keys and QR CODE
  • As explained above, the design for printing the Keys with QR Code is very easy and eye-catchy. This tools how you print preview is great to feature. you can modify the print too.


Bitaddress is also a good tool to generate a paper wallet. I have used the tool many times. The main feature of this tool is you have multiple options. You can Download the tool to generate a paper wallet. Till now we don't come across any scam report of these tools. Some sources claim to be an official tool of bitcoin. But all these tools are third-party. Bitaddress is also a third-party tool.

screenshoot of wallet generated by bitaddress.org


Btcpaperwallet.net is a new but very secured website to generate private keys. Users who used this tool are satisfied with the services. However new tools are equipped with more security features than old ones. I have seen many new tools like this they are fully secured and trusted. You should use new tools too for different purposes.


Bitcoin pape wallet was one of the top tools. This tool is one of the oldest tools of paper wallets. it's reported that the owner of BitcoinPaperWallet sold this site to a known person. Recently some people reported the scam through this tool. If you are thinking of using this tool, you should avoid using it. This tool is not secure now. Several people reported scams on bitcointalk about this tool.


BTC-Paper-wallet.com is the best option to generate a bitcoin paper wallet address. it has the ability to generate private and public kye by using your browser. This function in the tool help never compromises the wallet address security. Meanwhile, the easy interface is a bonus point for newbies in the crypto world. Bitaddress.org is also one of the tools that you can trust blindly. We have used and tested these tools too. btcpaperwallet.net is also a new and great tool to generate private keys of bitcoin. All the tools that I have tested to generate keys were not safe, you should also look at tools with an open eye. Don't trust blindly.