How To Secure Bitcoins

A guide for those bitcoin owners who want to keep bitcoin in a very secured wallet for long time

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Perhaps few people still think about which is the secure way to store bitcoin. In this article, I'm going to explain why a bitcoin paper wallet is the safest way to secure bitcoins for a long time. If you wanna compare hot wallet vs cold wallet you can read my article here. So come to the point safest way to store crypto. There are many ways to store digital coins including Hot wallets, exchanges, online wallets, offline wallets, hardware wallets, sound wallets, paper wallets, and deep cold storage. However you can store bitcoin in your USB Drive too, but this will be the riskiest task. Experts divided these all storage options into two major calories, Hot wallet vs cold wallets. Hot wallets are those wallets that store cryptocurrency online. meanwhile, cold wallets use offline storage technique to store digital currency. This guide is offered by BTC paper wallet generator free for all.

Secure bitcoin in paper wallet with zero risk

Cold Wallets to Store Bitcoin

As I have explained above that Cold wallets are a wallet which stores bitcoin away from the internet. Cold wallets are considered as more secured once because these wallets have the ability to store cryptocurrency away from the internet. once connectivity is broken the hacker will not be able to reach your coin and the chances of hacking may become less than 0. A list of some cold storage methods are as follow.

  • Paper Wallets: Paper wallet are used to store bitcoin by printing private keys on a sheet of paper
  • Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets are specially designed wallets to store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Sound Wallets: A less famous wallet that stores private and public keys in the form of sound.
  • Deep Cold Storage: You may found this method helpful but I think storing bitcoin in a bank locker is old fashion.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet

BTC Paper wallet is considered as top secured wallet to store bitcoin for a long time. The long time word here represents a long process of transferring crypto to a paper wallet address. No doubt this kind of wallet is the most secured one but it takes a long time to transfer and a hard process too. I would suggest you keep digital currency in cold storage when you want to keep it for a long time. Storing coins of daily usage in a cold wallet is not a good idea. If you have decided to go with a paper wallet. YOu should know about the risks and pros of using it. You must know which paper you should use for printing your private and public keys, and where to place your printed paper.

Tamper-resistant Papers are considered a top-quality product for securing bitcoin. You should use it for better security of paper. however, some people found it waterproof which is a bonus point to use it. You can get a tamper-resistant sheet with a beautifully designed shape and cover. Another option you have is Tri-Fold Templates for printing bitcoin wallet address. These are fancy type bitcoin paper wallet designed tri-fold sheets. mostly tri-fold are used to gift bitcoins to someone. If you wanna give the gift of bitcoins to someone you should order a tr-fold bitcoin paper printing sheet.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Designs

My advice is you should focus on the quality of the paper you are using rather than physical looks. But, if you are thinking of giving it to someone I can understand the situation. Well, in that case, you can get beautiful bitcoin paper wallet designs from online shops. Even you can order a custom design for a person who is able to do some graphic work. Keep in mind that if you lose your private keys we are not responsible for that and no one can give you, your coins without the private wallet keys. We don't store any data and we use secure HTTPS encrypt technology to keep hackers away. So, the only thing you have to keep in mind is protecting your sheet from hard damages. Below there I have explained some kinds of it have a look.

Secure Bitcoin Cheap Hardware Wallet

In cold storage, only paper wallet is a cheap method to store BTC offline. When we talk about hardware wallets we have some great options but not cheap options. Ethereum is considered as most secured hardware wallet to store cryptocurrency including bitcoin and Ethereum. due to its unique security features, blockchain experts put it on number 1.

Cheap hardware wallets to secure bitcoin

Record Private keys through Sound Wallets

Storing wallet addresses in the form of sound is a good idea but you will not be able to store QR codes. I have used sound wallet many times with different storage devices but I was always thinking about the QR codes. This is the reason people don't prefer using sound wallets to store bitcoin. when it comes to storage devices to store sound wallets the best option is CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs. these are old techniques but secured once. Other considerable devices are Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive and USB Flash Memory. As mentioned above, Compact Disc are the most used hardware devices to store it.

Deep Cold Storage for Secure Bitcoin

Deep cold storage refers to storing bitcoin hardware wallets on a bank locker. You have to generate BTC Hardware wallet and transfer bitcoins to it. After storing bitcoin in a hardware wallet that may be a paper wallet, a Hardware wallet like electrum a sound wallet stored in USB or CD you need to store that wallet into a bank locker. You have to invest extra money here to just store your devices conataning Bitcoins. Don't think Deep cold storage for secure bitcoin is a needy step to take. you can store your hardware in your house or office where only you can excess. If there are any chances of a thief attack on your house then you should think of taking this extra step to make it more secure.