Bitcoin Paper Wallet Template

Different bitcoin paper wallet templates are available to choose from. Best and beautiful design is the basic need of BTC Gifts.

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People are now looking for Security with beauty; Bitcoin paper wallet templates should be beautifully designed. Different paper wallet generators are offering different templates. But, no tool is available that has the capacity to create a custom design. Society has changed and now people want to give bitcoin as a gift. Bitcoin gift cards are one of the best options to present surprise to someone. We know that gifts should be beautiful, Their design should be beautiful and the packing of Gift must be beautiful. BTC Paper wallet is working on the template design of BTC paper wallets. You will be able to choose a template of your choice from different templates.

Bitcoin Paper wallet gift on christmas

I was attending a Christmas party last year and I saw a Tendency of people towards Paper wallet gifts. People were presenting Christmas-designed bitcoin paper wallet gifts to children and elders. After the event, people realized that their keys were compromised. It was very disappointing that your gifts were stolen by graphic designers and the people who created paper wallet templates for you. We have started our work on this and now we have created a system that you can use different templates of Paper wallets for BTC. Now you can choose different templates from our website and can print your keys in a design you love.

A secured BCH Paper wallet generator

BTC gift on Marriage

Exchange of gifts during the marriage is common. We are just adding some crunch on this by offering different templates related to marriage gifts. Bitcoin as a marriage gift is a unique idea and people are now following this triend. We should encourage this digital gift. Exciting and beautifully designed templates for BTC paper wallet key printing are ready and you can choose according to your need. If you are going to gift BTC at a wedding you can choose from that category. We do have a highly secured mechanism for generating bitcoin private keys. Don't worry about the security and just focus on the design of the wallet, We are enough to take care of security.

A secured BCH Paper wallet generator

The culture of such surprise gifts is very famous among the asian countries including India, Bangaladesh, pakistan, and etc. Peopl in USA aslo love to recieve gifts on weedings.

CryptoCurrency gift on Anniversary

The trend is changed and now people are looking for digital gifts for digital people. To gift Bitcoin is a great idea for this anniversary. What you need is a lovely design of a bitcoin paper wallet. We offer you free designs of BTC paper wallets specially designed for anniversary gifts. a beautiful template with private keys on the inner right side of the sheet and public keys on the inner left side of the paper. Moreover, QR Codes are along with the keys. QR Code for private keys is placed above the private key and QR Code for the public key is placed below the public key. Outside of the template is very beautiful. We have multiple designs based on the same concept of putting keys on the inside of the template. I hope not only you will love the template. but the one whom you will gift it will love it too.

A gift of Bitcoin packed for anniversery surprise

Bitcoin as Birthday Gift

A birthday gift is part of birthday celebrations. People love to give birthday gifts and receiving a birthday gift is a blessing. Have you ever gift bitcoins at a birthday party of your near one? Are you planning a surprise gift on this birthday of your love? if yes then we have exciting and awesome designs of bitcoin paper wallets. You just need to create the wallet and have to select the template from hundreds of templates. We are providing the best-desinged bitcoin paper wallet templates.

birthday cake of a cryptolover


Those People who want to gift cryptocurrency can get a beautiful design of paper wallet that is more secure and very cheap than other hardware wallets. We have designed different templates for different events like Marriage, Valentine's day, Charismas day, etc. You have to select the template you love and related to the event. To generate and get desings just click on above create wallet now button and yuo will be redirected to our main site where you can get different designs.