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Bitcoin Paper Wallet APK is an app which is used to create public and private keys to store BTC.

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Bitcoin paper wallet APKs and apps for android are available on the play store and 3rd party APK sites. A number of apps are available on the google play store with good reviews. I have gone through other websites that are providing APKs. A well-written article and good reviews were added there. But, when I downloaded the file and installed it on my android set what happened? Should you install 3rd party untrusted apps for such tasks? Do these files actually have BTC paper wallet generators? Are they real or scams? If any app available on the play store related to the BTC paper wallet should I trust it? If you are looking for an answer to such questions, Stay with us and read this complete article. This will clear all your doubts.

bitcoin paper wallet apk on android mobile

Generate BTC wallet with APK

Generating paper wallets with APK files is a risky step. As we know that APKs are modified versions of apps. Even we don’t know about the developer of the file. How can we trust an unknown APK? Paper wallet creation is a sensitive task. A single loophole is enough to snatch all BTC in that cold wallet. We have seen hundreds of people lose their cryptocurrency just by making a common mistake. Installation of apps on our mobile is a usual mistake we are making. I would suggest you create a wallet with our website but make sure that if your device has an APK file doesn’t do it with that device. Most of the APKs are virus-infected. I will not recommend you not involve any APK file in the process of bitcoin cold storage wallet generation process.

The alternate option you can use to generate a bitcoin paper wallet is our website. You can create a wallet with our website by using your mobile browser. If you are using iPhone iOS; safari is the best option for this task. Open safari and visit the homepage of our website and click the generate button. The whole process is explained on the main page. If you are an android user, clear the cache of your mobile phone, uninstall all the APKs from your device and restart your phone. After that, you have to go with google’s own browser chrome to create a paper wallet.

Cons of Wallet generator APKs

As we have discussed above the security issue you can face if you install an APK file on your device. We have taken a closer look at the security measure of APK files.

  • Most of the APK files contain adware that is used to spy on cell phones.
  • APKs have the ability to monitor your mobile phone's data including calls, messages, location, social apps and even can snatch bank details too.
  • There is a chance that it may install a spy on your android set.
  • The possible risk of data fetching is considerable.
  • If any APK contains other viruses it means you may face a complete death penalty for your mobile phone.
  • While creating a wallet with an APK file your private keys may be saved in the data of the APK files database.
  • The developer will enjoy scamming your money by just checking the database of his own APK.
  • Any APK if you install other files on your device may remain in the device after removing the APK from your phone.
  • You will get different templates with this APK file.

Pros of Wallet generator APKs

I really don't know if the pros of an APK file that can generate a wallet for BTC actually exist. All my research found cons of the file and no single pro was noticed during my research on this. Anyhow some funny facts and pros of Wallet generator APKS are as follows.

  1. Creating wallet for just experiment.
  2. You can get a lesson by transferring cryptocurrency to that wallet.
  3. A free wallet generator that can get access to all your coins.
  4. You can create 100s of wallets and don’t send money to just trick the developer.
Men trying to transfer bitcoin from apk wallet


Generating a bitcoin paper wallet with an APK file is not a good strategy. APK files are full of viruses. For better security reasons you should avoid the use of a non trusted source for creating wallet keys. Instead of using a wallet, you should try btc paper for better and secured wallet keys. While using this site make sure that your device is not virus infected and there is no loophole that can leak the information of your wallet.

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