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Bitcoin cash is another cryptocurrency like bitcoin. By using Bitcoin cash, we can purchase, sell or exchange our bitcoins easily within less time and effort. BCH is faster and efficient as compare to bitcoin. If you want to know about the best bitcoin cash wallet to store your cryptocurrency so, you are on the right path because here we are going to discuss all bitcoin cash and one best wallet. Just scroll down and find a perfect wallet for yourself and your dear once.

A secured BCH Paper wallet generator

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency and BCH wallets are used to store your bitcoins safely. Remember that all the bitcoins are stored on the blockchain and the wallet just helps you in holding, managing, and transacting with your bitcoins. The wallet is used to make sure that you are the honor of your bitcoins. By using the wallet, you can easily send, receive or exchange bitcoins within less time and effort.

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet just looks like a piece of paper, having a high-security feature. A paper wallet is an offline wallet and more convenient and efficient in working than others. You can easily hold on to your bitcoins by using this wallet.
The benefits of a paper wallet are;

  • Easy to create.
  • Fast transacting.
  • More secure than others.
  • Less transacting and exchanging fees.

A paper wallet is one of the best because of its high features and if you have a bitcoin cash account then I’ll recommend you to make a paper wallet and done with your transactions easily as well as efficiently.

How do I create a BTC Cash Wallet?

There are a lot of wallets available around us. If you want to generate your wallet you just need to go on the official website or download the wallet from the play store or Google Play app. After completing downloading fill the form’s requirements. The wallet provides you a private pin code and an address. By using the address, you can send or receive bitcoins while the private pin helps you to get a hold of your account. Keep in mind that if anyone knows your private key easily get a hold of your account. You should keep your private key private to prevent hackers and losing your amount.

Is bitcoin paper wallets are safe or not?

Absolutely yes, bitcoin paper wallets are more secure than others. Let’s read some of bitcoin paper wallet;

  • No one can hack your wallet until the hacker does not know the private key and no one can get access to your key until you don’t allow them.
  • You can get access anytime just by inserting the private pin or scanning the QR Code.
  • A paper wallet is an offline cold wallet. By its online feature, no one can get access to your account.
  • Easy to use. Even an unprofessional learned that how it works and how to use it.
  • Generate multiple prints of your wallet. It’s preferable when you lost your wallet, you can easily recover.
bitcoin cash wallet for cold storage

How to use a Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet

Most people think that it’s too difficult to process and manage a paper wallet but actually, the use of a paper wallet is too easy. Here I am going to show you the transacting method of BTC by using BCH paper wallet;

  • Open the app or wallet from you want to send or receive bitcoins.
  • Click on the send option from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill the transaction form by scanning QR Code or inserting the address.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin that you want to transact.
  • Manage the transaction fee.
  • Click on the Done option.

Few minutes after completing the process you saw that the amount of bitcoin transact from your account and reach to network. The minors working in the network check your transaction and send it to the blockchain where the transaction takes place. This all process takes at least 10 min with a transaction fee.
Bitcoin Paper wallet Generator app Too many apps are available on the internet. I recommend my readers to choose the app on its own after completing a whole cycle and reading the reviews of the app.

How does bitcoin become real money?

Bitcoins are a virtual currency you can’t purchase anything from the market by using bitcoin because this currency is in imaginary form. If you want to buy any goods you need to convert your bitcoins into cash.

  • By bank transfer.
  • Sell bitcoin to any other trader.
  • These methods are preferable if you want to exchange your bitcoins for cash.

Should I invest in BTC or BCH?

BTC and BCH are two different cryptocurrencies and both are standing on the high rank in the industry. BTC is more expensive than BCH but rather slow because of its lengthy and difficult algorithm. Investment should depend on category if you’re a beginner and not a millionaire or if you want to save your money then I would recommend you to invest your money in BCH. On the other hand, if you are an advanced user of bitcoin or a trader then BTC is good for you. BTC and BCH both provide good returns to their users.


Here, we are standing at the end of the article. Hope your all confusions and doubts have been cleared and you learn all about BTC cash paper wallet. So, why are you standing here? Go and create your paper wallet and make you're living more ease.