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Generate BTC Paper Wallet and Secure your Crypto Currency by Printing Keys on Simple Paper

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Generate bitcoin paper wallet and secure your bitcoins with next-level security methods. The above-mentioned button will let you generate your private and public, printable wallet keys to secure your bitcoins. one your tap on the create keys now button our automated system will generate keys You have the option to directly print your keys on hard paper. it's very important to use proper and waterproof sheets while printing keys. remember that we don't store your keys and you will not be able to recover your coins one paper got damaged.

BTC Paper Wallet is an offline wallet that works on the principle of deep cold storage. This method is used to store bitcoin for a long period of time. Due to its best security, and hard process of transfer it to an online wallet, people use to store BTC for a long time. Moreover, folks use this mechanism to gift cryptocurrency to loved ones. Beautifully designed Papers are available on the internet to print and gift someone. Water-resistant and dustproof paper is a bonus feature. The printable technique of storing digital coins is cheaper than other offline wallets and hot wallets meanwhile, Experts claim that it is the most secure way.

Beautifully designed BTC Paper Wallet

How To Generate BTC Paper Wallet

To Generate BTC Paper Wallets you need to follow the following steps

  1. Go to Home page of BTC-PAPER-WALLET.COM.
  2. Click on Create Wallet Now button at the top.
  3. Wait 10-20 seconds so that system will generate keys.
  4. Oncs keys are shown on screen process with print and save option.
  5. Print on sheet of with best printer you can arrange.

Best Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator

Hundreds of paper wallet generators are available on the internet. All these wallets have different specifications and abilities to do the task. I will explain why BTC-paper-wallet is the best bitcoin paper wallet generator according to my experience. I have used different web-based wallets to generate paper wallet keys. bitwallets is also a big name in this field but it has limited options. You have to download it to generate but we don't want our users to follow the hard processes. Our site is the world's most simple and secure platform to generate it. Moreover, we have the option to direct print and save option. You don't need to download our full site. You can create a wallet with a single click.

How to use bitcoin paper wallet To Secure BTC

Transferring bitcoin to the offline wallet is an easy process. you can do it yourself within a minute. First of all, you have to generate a wallet with us. The second step is to open your wallet where Bitcoins are stored. Now you have to transfer that amount to the public key created with us. There are two keys on your paper wallet, "Public and Private". You have to use the public key to get funds and the private key is something about sending coins. Once you have successfully transferred the amount to the offline wallet you can check the transaction through public ledger. To conform your transfer check it and secure your private keys for use of crypto in the future.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Designs

My advice is you should focus on the quality of the paper you are using rather than physical looks. But, if you are thinking of giving it to someone I can understand the situation. Well, in that case, you can get beautiful bitcoin paper wallet designs from online shops. Even you can order a custom design for a person who is able to do some graphic work. Keep in mind that if you lose your private keys we are not responsible for that and no one can give you, your coins without the private wallet keys. We don't store any data and we use secure HTTPS encrypt technology to keep hackers away. So, the only thing you have to keep in mind is protecting your sheet from hard damages. Below there I have explained some kinds of it have a look.

BTC Paper Wallet generator and Designs for gift

Tri-Fold Templetes

Tri-Fold Templates for bitcoin are specially designed folding hard covered papers to store private keys of BTC. you don't need to paste your keys on the design or you don't have to paste the QR code on the design but you have to just print the Keys on an already designed sheet. Tri-Fold BTC Paper wallets are used to gift BTC on special occasions like marriage, birthdays, or anniversaries.

Tamper resistant Papers

Tamper-resistant Bitcoin Paper wallets are the most secured once. When you print your keys on this type of wrapper. The security of the cryptocurrency will be more strong. Moreover, the chances of damage to paper will also reduce. Different designed tamper-resistant papers are also available in the market. To order that you have to search online and order the wrapper. After collection, you can print the BTC Paper Wallet Generator keys on it.

How to Transfer Bitcoin From Paper Wallet

A very simple process is involved in tranfer of bitcoin form paper wallet to online wallet. First of all, you have to create online wallet on any legit website like coinbase, or then you have to select import/export option. Next step is to scan your QR code of the BTC paper wallet. Here you can use the import private key option or the QR scan both options are available. The simplest way is to do it with webcam. Remember that this process should be done through a private PC. The process is easy but not risk free.

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